Dennis Prager net worth

Dennis Prager net worth

Full Name:(Dennis Prager net worth )Dennis  Mark  Prager
Age:74 years old
Birth Date:2 August  1948
Birth Place:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Height:1.93 m
Profession:Writer and an American conservative radio talk show host and writer
Net Worth in 2022:$12 million FACEBOOK

Who is Dennis Prager?

Dennis Prager net worth: A son of Hilda and Max Prager, Dennis Mark Prager entered the world on August 2, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York. His family was a Modern Orthodox Jewish home where he and his siblings grew up. Once upon a time, he was introduced to Joseph Telushkin while attending the Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn. Dennis majored in history and middle eastern studies at Brooklyn College.

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After that, he attended Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. That’s what he did at Leeds University, too. Even so, he left the world of persuasive scholarship before obtaining his master’s degree. Although he no longer followed Modern Orthodoxy’s teachings, he was devout and followed most ancient Jewish customs.

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His first book, “The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism,” which he wrote with his childhood buddy Joseph Telushkin, was published in 1976 and became a best seller and is still used as an introductory text to Judaism today.

Dennis Prager’s Early Life

Dennis Prager's Early Life
Dennis Prager’s Early Life

This man was born to Hilda Prager Heidfeld (1919-2009) and her late husband, Max Prager (1918–2014). Kenneth Prager and his siblings, also including Prager, were nurtured in a modern Orthodox Jewish household. He met Joseph Telushkin, who became a close companion during his time at the Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York. Prager is fluent in four languages: English, French, Russian, and also Hebrew. Kenneth Prager is a doctor and professor at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where he also works with his brother. Former Wall Street Journal contributor Joshua Prager is his nephew.

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Prager earned a BA in History and Middle Eastern Studies from Brooklyn College. Following a few years of graduate-level study at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and the University of Leeds, he abandoned his studies and quit the academic world. Prager left Modern Orthodoxy after finishing graduate school but remained religious and observed many traditional Jewish rituals. Pepperdine University conferred an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to Prager.

Dennis Prager’s Personal Life

Dennis Prager's Personal Life
Dennis Prager’s Personal Life

Dennis Prager dated several women during his life. He married Janice Prager in 1981, but his marriage and career both took a nosedive after she filed for divorce in 1986. Dennis was so shocked by the suddenness and scale of this loss that Dennis almost went down into despair. It took him a full year of therapy to get his life back on track once he decided to get help. Dennis also demonstrated the severity of his situation by writing a book on joy.

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Dennis always would not give up on love, and finally in 1988 he married actress Francine Stone. The pair broke up in 2005, and also they never discussed the reasons why. Dennis appeared to have found the person he would spend the rest of his life with when he began dating Susan Reed, whom he eventually married in 2008. Their continued togetherness since then is conclusive evidence that he has found the one despite his past of questionable relationships.

Dennis Prager’s Career

Before becoming a lecturer on the tyranny of Jews in the Soviet Union, Dennis Prager began his career as a student in London when a Jewish group recruited him to visit the Soviet Union and interview Jews about their life. In the Soviet Jewish student movement, he became a prominent voice. The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, written by Prager and Telushkin, was a bestseller in 1975.

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He worked with Telushkin while serving as director of the Brandeis – Bardin Institute from 1976 to 1983. After being hired by Los Angeles’s KABC in 1982 to anchor a weekly Sunday night religious talk show, still his program quickly became a staple of the station’s schedule. He has hosted a Los Angeles-based discussion show on KRLA since 1999. His YouTube channel receives over a billion views yearly, making him an internet celebrity.

He has also written several books, including Consider it again (1996), which addresses the pressing topic of happiness (1999),

The Last Best Chance (2012), Departure from the Book of Reason (2018), The Book of Genesis in the Intelligent Bible (2019), For Goodness Sake (1993), For Goodness Sake 2 (1996), Israel in Time of Terror (2002), Baseball, Dennis & the French (2011), and No Safe Places (2019) are just a few of the films he has directed since 1993.

Dennis Prager’s Net Worth

According to experts, Dennis Prager has almost a $12 million fortune. His work as a conservative radio talk show host and the author is the mainstay of his financial security. Adding Dennis Prager’s monthly pay and career earnings together comes to more than $2 million a year. Among American Republican radio talk show presenters and authors, he is among the wealthiest and also most influential figures. Prager’s writings have shaped many people’s political, economic, and philosophical views because of his outstanding prose and conservative perspective.


Dennis Prager Honors and Accomplishments

Dennis Prager excels at both writing and hosting radio talk shows. The Jewish Agency for Israel hired him in 1969 when he was still a student in England and sent him to the Soviet Union to conduct in-depth interviews with Jews there.

He voted for Jimmy Carter for president in 1976. In the United States, he established PragerU, a conservative video production group that explores a wide range of philosophical, political, and also economic issues

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Dennis Prager’s published books

  • Think a Second Time (44 Essays on 44 Subjects)
  • Happiness is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Manual
  • Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph
  • Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code and the Best Path to Follow
  • In 2018, he released a commentary on the Book of Exodus.
  • In 2019, he released an article on the Book of Genesis.
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  • When was Dennis Prager born?

Dennis Prager was born on August 2, 1948.

  • What is Dennis Prager’s age?

Prager’s age is 74 years.

  • What is Dennis Prager’s net worth?

Dennis Prager has a net worth of $12 million.

  • Does Dennis Prager have a wife?

He’s married, single, divorced, or in a relationship.


On August 2, 1948, Dennis Mark Prager was born. He is a radio host and author for a conservative American radio show. As the voice behind The Dennis Prager Show, a radio talk show heard nationwide; Dennis is also a prominent figure in the media industry. He co-founded PragerU in 2009, which produces conservative American videos in under five minutes.

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