Hodgetwins net worth

Hodgetwins Net Worth

Net Worth              $3 Million

Full Name              Keith and Kevin

Date of Birth          September 17, 1975

Place of Birth         Martinsville, Virginia

Parents                   N/A

Siblings                  N/A

Spouse                   Elizabeth

Profession              YouTuber

Height                    194cm

Weight                   95kg

Social therichpeoples

Who Is Hodgetwins?

Who Is Hodgetwins

Hodgetwins Net Worth Kevin and Keith are two of the most famous people on YouTube. The general public refers to them as the Hodgetwins. They’re successful in every arena, from political commentary to stand-up comedy. They are fitness icons and identical twins. What sets them apart is their dark sense of humor.

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“Conservative Twins” is also used to describe a pair of Hodgetwins. The two areas in which they excel most are stand-up comedy and commentary on the fitness industry. Political critique and even relationship advice are common themes in their videos. Their ability to make their viewers roll on the floor with laughter has earned them a sizable following on their respective channels. Since 2008, they’ve never stopped making other people laugh. Each member of the pair is a Trump supporter.

They started with nothing, now have a popular YouTube channel, and are performing live. They’re a formidable duo because they’re identical twins and share so much in common.

Hodgetwins Early Life

Martinsville, Virginia, in the United States of America, is where Keith and Kevin Hodge, better known as the Hodge Twins, were born. They have an older brother and an older sister in their family. Growing up, my family was in a terrible financial situation. Consequently, the twins had to fight over the most fundamental needs. Their upbringing gave them the skills they needed to succeed in the real world.

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It regards the individual’s previous academic experience. American Intercontinental University is where the twins received their degrees in Finance and Accounting, respectively. Both individuals had previous experience in the United States Marine Corps before beginning their careers in the private sector. After graduation, they found employment in the financial industry but eventually left to pursue their interests in the entertainment and fitness industries.

They enlisted in the Marine Corps, and by the year 2013, they had more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Hodgetwins Career

The Hodge Twins began their journey on YouTube in 2008 by uploading their first video. This video immediately connected with the audience and quickly became one of the most popular videos on YouTube. That inspired them to put more work into their videos and expand the scope of their content. In addition to the viral success of their comedic videos, they gained attention for their impressive physiques. After that, they launched Twin Muscle, a platform on which they share instructional workout videos and fitness advice.

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Later in 2014, they began to gain recognition as recognizable faces on an international scale and began appearing in television shows. They also entered endorsement deals with various brands and began advertising their products. After some time, the twins developed their merchandise line, including branded clothing and other fitness materials. They aim to convince more people to stick to a fitness routine. In addition, the twins also host live stand-up comedy shows and are deeply involved in politics, offering political commentary.

Hodgetwins Personal Life

Hodgetwins Personal Life
Hodgetwins Personal Life

The identical twins are attached, have a powerful connection with one another, and live as neighbors in the same townhouse. Also, they have come to terms with their new life as married men. They are entirely devoted to the duties of husband and father in their family. Elizabeth had been Keith Hodge’s best friend for 18 years before they married. They are the proud parents of three beautiful children. Alternatively, Kevin’s marital life is flourishing. But, he has not disclosed his wife’s name at this time. Despite this, the couple is the proud parents of four young children.

After hearing that their two young cousins got shot, they used their online profiles to gather money for the children’s medical expenses. After living in the Los Angeles area for the better part of 17 years, the twins have relocated back to their home state of Virginia and have been married to their respective wives for more than 15 years.

Hodgetwins Net Worth

The Hodgetwins are a set of identical twins who run a fitness-focused YouTube channel of the same name. When the two of them posted a video to YouTube titled “All kinds of gains,” it went viral. Twin Muscle, Ask Hodge Twins, and Hodget wins vlogs are just a few of The Hodge Twins’ YouTube channels. Hodge Twins is their primary channel, where they share their thoughts and ideas on current events and topics of interest. It had 1.2 million paying customers. 

Despite this, their one-of-a-kind banter, witty turns of phrase, and humorous outlook continue to be popular. As a result, the channel has received over 250 million views. Daily, it has the potential to attract around 90,000. It would generate about $140 in daily income or $52,000 annually. According to an estimate, Hodgetwins will have approximately $3 million net worth.

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Lifestyle and Products from the Hodge Twins

Despite popular belief, Hodgetwins’ income originates from more than just their YouTube accounts. They also have an online store where you can buy merchandise, including protein powder supplements, branded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and wristbands.

Kevin and Keith have taken the “twin thing” to a new level by pursuing acting roles in television and movies. They are confident in the unique value they can provide to this target market. Thus, the twins are not just two of the industry’s best-kept secrets but also rising stars in their own right.


  • What became of Hodge Twins’ cousin’s son?

The sons of Kevin and Keith’s cousin in North Carolina were shot and injured in a road rage incident, according to the Martinsville Bulletin. As a result, the Hodge twins could raise money for their medical bills entirely through online fundraising campaigns.

  • What’s the similarity between the Hodge twins?

The Hodge twins are not identical in every way. But visually, they are similar. Nonetheless, their appearances are distinct from one another. As a bonus, the moles and other birthmarks appeared in various places on their bodies.

  • Keith or Kevin Hodge, who is older?

Kevin Hodge is Keith’s younger sibling. There are four Hodge siblings, and Kevin is the youngest. Kevin, however, has three older siblings: Rosalyn Hodge Kidd, an older brother, and Keith Hodge, an older sister.


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