Nikki-Glaser net worth

Nikki Glaser’s Net Worth

Name                           Nikki Glaser (Net worth)

Net Worth                    $4.5 Million

Birthday                       June 1, 1984

Age                             36 Years

Birthplace                    Ohio, United State of America

Source of Wealth        Stand-up Comedian, Actress


Who is Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser’s (Net Worth) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, radio, television, and podcast host. She was born and raised in the United States. “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser,” the sex comedy talk show that Glaser hosts on television, are the primary reason for her worldwide fame. The show’s first episodes aired on “Comedy Central” and the Canadian channel “Much.”

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Nikki Glaser’s (Net Worth) is a stand-up comedian who has been in the shows “Nikki Glaser: Perfect” (2016) and “Nikki Glaser: Bangin'” (2019). When she was in college, Glaser competed on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and made it to the competition’s semi-finals. From 2018 to 2020, Nikki hosted “You Up? With Nikki Glaser” on Comedy Central Radio on Sirius XM, then in March 2021, she launched “The Nikki Glaser Podcast.”

After completing her high school education at Kirkwood, she pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After a while, she decided to finish her education at the University of Kansas, where she majored in English Literature. Began her career in the entertainment industry in 2002, when she was 18 years old, working specifically as a stand-up comedian.

Nikki Glaser Early Life

Nicole Rene Glaser is Nikki Glaser’s full-given name. She went to Kirkwood High School and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, with her mother, Julie, father, Edward, and sister Lauren. After finishing high school, Nikki attended CU Boulder before transferring to KU to pursue a degree in English literature.

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Nikki Glaser’s Personal Life

Nikki Glaser's Personal Life
Nikki Glaser’s Personal Life

She quit drinking alcohol on December 9, 2011, and she attributes her success to the self-help books by Allen Carr. She also credits Allen Carr with assisting her in quitting smoking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Glaser relocated to St. Louis to live with her parents and has stated that she did so “There is something about this time of year that really makes you want to be with people that you love and who love you without condition, and this feeling is during the holiday season. And for me, that only includes my mother and father.”

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Nikki Glaser is currently in a relationship with Chris Convy, co-creator of the show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Chris is well recognized for his work on the television shows “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser,” “Unplugged,” and “Go Small Live.” Chris and Nikki reside in the metropolitan area of St. Louis. According to Local8now, they went their separate ways in 2016. They had had a rocky relationship in the past.

Nikki Glaser Career

Nikki Glaser Career
Nikki Glaser Career

At age 18, started a career in stand-up comedy. Professionally, Nikki made her stage debut on the late-night comedy talk show ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ after a successful run on campus. Subsequently, she was given roles on shows like Conan and Last Comic Standing. Nikki has a successful career outside of stand-up comedy as a TV personality and podcaster. Nikki is well-known to TV viewers as the host of the chat shows Not Safe with Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central.

In addition, Nikki was in the MTV comedy-drama series Awkward. Nikki is a top-rated 4Music host in the UK. In addition, Nikki is a well-known dancer because she appeared in season 27 of Dancing with the Stars. Nikki Glaser’s most recognizable performance to date is as Lisa in the critically acclaimed comedy Trainwreck. The international gross for this film was enormous.

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Also, Nikki has written for several TV shows, including The Degenerates, Nikki Glaser Bangin’, Nikki Glaser: Perfect, and many more. It’s true that Nikki Glaser also works in production. Generally speaking, she’s a good candidate for a career in movies. Nikki Glaser is a well-known personality on social media. She has 712,704 Instagram.

Nikki Glaser’s Net Worth

Nikki Glaser has an estimated $4.5 million in assets. She is well-established in her field. She co-hosted the podcast “You Had to Be There” with comedian Sara Schaefer from 2011 to 2014. Later, Nikki presented the podcast “We Know Nothing” with comedian Phil Hanley and journalist Anya Marina.

Nikki has been on both “History of Swear Words” on Netflix and “FBOY Island” on HBO Max. Since entering the mainstream comedy scene in 2009, the 37-year-old American comedian has established herself as one of the funniest female comics working today. Glaser has been a guest on numerous talk programs since then, including those hosted by David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, to name a few. Nikki Glaser has been performing stand-up comedy for more than ten years. Over this period, she has amassed a sizable fortune thanks to her stand-up performances and TV guest spots.

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Nikki Glaser Awards & Achievements

The comedian was honored with the American Comedy Award for Best Club Comedian in 2014. She is the winner of multiple honors, including the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award from the Just for Laughs Festival in 2015, in addition to winning other awards. Also she triumphed as the best stand-up performer at the 2017 Comedy Central Showdown. She has received nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards on many occasions.


Notable Nikki Glaser Quotes

“People are just so insensitive because they’re ignorant; they don’t understand, so they’re scared of what they’re ignorant of.”

Nikki Glaser

“All my life – middle school, high school – I’ve always been worried about what people are going to think.”

Nikki Glaser


  • Is Nikki Glaser dating anyone?

Nikki Glaser doesn’t want to talk about her personal life or the people she has a crush on. There are, however, inquiries such as, “Is Nikki in a relationship this year?” As it turns out, Nikki dated co-executive producer and co-creator Chris Convy.

  • What is Nikki Glaser’s current residence?

Nikki Glaser currently resides in the city of New York. She’s killing time for her latest Netflix comedy. In Missouri, she spent her formative years.

  • What is Nikki Glaser’s profession?

Nikki Glaser is a professional YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and comedian in the United States.


Even as a host, interviewer, and roaster for Comedy Central, Nikki Glaser has built a name for herself. She was unafraid to hurl the most vicious insults at Hollywood’s A-listers like Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin.

Even though Glaser’s writing is generally dark and reflects her paranoia in real life, she frequently provides positive life lessons in interviews and onstage. Nikki has learned that parents can determine the course of their children’s lives, and she firmly believes in this idea.

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