Jade Cargill Net worth

Jade Cargill Net Worth of 2023

Jade Cargill, a talented American wrestler, began her journey in 2019 and quickly gained fame. Her big break came when she joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2020, showcasing her skills. She achieved significant milestones, including winning the TBS Championship and defeating opponents like Ruby Soho and Tay Conti. Her net worth is around $4 million in 2023. Jade’s inspiring story teaches us to chase our dreams with determination. In this post, I will comprehensively explain some of the major facts and achievements of Jade Cargill in her career. Let’s get started. 

Jade Cargill’s Early Life and Career

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Jade Cargill Borja, or Jade Cargill, is an American professional wrestler. She was born on June 3, 1992, in Jacksonville, Florida. Jade made her debut in the wrestling world in the year of 2019. She became well-known within the wrestling community very early. 
One of the defining moments in her career was her signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2020. AEW is known for its alternative and innovative approach to professional wrestling. This platform provided Cargill with an opportunity to showcase her skills. She made her in-ring debut for AEW in December 2020 and has since become a prominent figure in the promotion.

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Jade Cargill’s Achievements 

Jade achieved many milestones throughout her career. One of her early achievements was with fellow wrestler Red Velvet. These rivalries are essential in wrestling. They often serve as a proving ground for newcomers. Cargill’s first encounter showcased her abilities and determination. 
Jade Cargill’s journey in professional wrestling became more famous when she secured the coveted TBS Championship. In a showdown, she defeated Ruby Soho in the finals. This solidified her status in the women’s division.
Another achievement in Jade Cargill’s wrestling career was her victory over Tay Conti at Revolution. This event marked a significant moment in her journey.
As of her latest appearances, fans have witnessed Jade Cargill’s remarkable performances on AEW Dynamite, one of the premier wrestling shows. 

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Jade Cargill Net Worth of 2023

Professional wrestlers often keep their financial details private. According to the sources, her 2023 net worth is estimated at around $4 million. It is right to say that Cargill’s net worth has seen substantial growth since Jade Cargill made her professional wrestling debut in the wrestling industry.
Her journey from a relative newcomer to a featured talent in a prominent wrestling promotion like AEW suggests a promising financial future. With continued success and financial management, Cargill’s net worth is likely to grow in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of Jade Cargill’s notable achievements in wrestling?
Jade Cargill had early feuds with wrestlers like Red Velvet, demonstrating her abilities and determination. She also secured the TBS Championship by defeating Ruby Soho in the finals and achieving a victory over Tay Conti at Revolution.

2. What is Jade Cargill’s estimated net worth in 2023?
While professional wrestlers often keep their financial details private, sources estimate that Jade Cargill’s net worth in 2023 will be around $4 million. Her success and financial prospects have grown significantly since her wrestling debut.

3. What is the future of Jade Cargill’s net worth and career?
Jade Cargill’s journey from a relative newcomer to a featured talent in a prominent wrestling promotion like AEW suggests a promising financial future.


In summary, Jade Cargill’s journey from her early life in Jacksonville, Florida, to her career as a professional wrestler is marked by determination, skill, and notable achievements. Her debut in 2019 quickly grabbed the wrestling community’s attention.
While the financial details of professional wrestlers are often private, sources estimate her net worth in 2023 to be approximately $4 million. This growth reflects her journey from a newcomer to a featured talent in AEW. As Jade Cargill’s career and net worth continue to evolve, her story inspires wrestlers and those seeking success through determination and dedication. 
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