Attorney Ken Nugent's Net Worth

Attorney Ken Nugent’s Net Worth

Name                                      Kenneth S. Nugent (Attorney Ken Nugent’s (Net Worth)

Date of birth                          May 21, 1959

Age                                         64 years old

Birthplace                              Georgia

Nationality                             American

Ethnicity                                 White

Who is Attorney Ken Nugent

Attorney Ken Nugent’s Net Worth: Kenneth S. Nugent was the name given to Ken Nugent when he was born in Georgia in 1959. In 1977, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in general studies from the State University of New York in Albany. Since Ken was dead set on becoming a lawyer, he attended the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta from 1977 until 1980. He graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. Nugent was a diligent student, and after he completed the bar examination, he became a member of the State Bar of Georgia.

Attorney Ken Nugent Early Life

Attorney Ken Nugent's Net Worth

Ken Nugent is currently 64 years old. His mother, Marguerite Nugent, and his two brothers were his primary caregivers throughout his childhood. Ken Nugent father has served in two wars while also being responsible for caring for his entire family. His grandfather was a loyal spouse to the matriarch of the family, Marguerite, and he raised him alongside her.

Ken Nugent attended the State University of New York in Albany for his undergraduate education and received his degree in 1977. Emory University School of Law in Atlanta was where he received his legal education from 1970 to 1980. He was a student who put in a great deal of effort, and after he passed the bar test, he became a member of the State Bar of Georgia.

Attorney Ken Nugent’s Personal Life

Nugent has been married to the same woman for the past three decades and is a father to five kids with her. Although he lives in the metro area of Atlanta with his family, there is no information regarding his spouse or children. Nugent is an accomplished attorney who is also a supporter of the communities in Georgia that got supported by his legal team. He advocates for the children who participate in the Next Level Baseball Camp Program. Students can receive financial assistance through Nugent’s scholarship program, the Attorney Ken Nugent Law Sponsorship, named after him.

Attorney Ken Nugent Career

Since October 1989, when he began practicing law, Nugent has represented injured people and their families as an attorney. He planned to launch a company that would respect its customers and work with them to find a solution. So, Nugent pooled his resources and founded the largest law firm in the Southeast. He established the company’s initial office in Atlanta on a set of tenets that continue to guide the company today.

Some of his guiding ideas are Convenience, Helpfulness, Local Presence, Availability, Generosity, and More. Because of these standards, his company is the most dependable and productive in the industry. Later, he established consecutive offices in the Georgia cities of Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah. As of the current year (2018), he practices in areas including medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, personal injury, and wrongful death. During his tenure, he has signed off on 15 auto accident endorsements, 13 wrongful death, and 13 individual injury cases.  

His catchphrase, “One Call, That’s All,” became viral, and the prestigious media corporation Fox turned it into a TV series. Producer and director Peter Siaggas (renowned for his work on Free Radio, The Lance Krall Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live) is on the show. Many of his original commercial concepts are used to promote his company. A group called “Nugent’s Flame Throwers” was formed by Nugent in 2017. He proposed a program in which he would provide $10 to a local fire station for every strikeout thrown by the Georgia Braves pitching staff.

Attorney Ken Nugent’s Net Worth

His work as an attorney brings in most of his money, which he uses to support himself. He is the managing partner of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., a prosperous law firm in Georgia. He has been a notable attorney for the injured since 1989 and is the rightful owner of many valuable goods and properties. He and his family make their home in a lavish mansion in the metro region of Atlanta. As of 2023, Ken Nugent has a net worth of $10 million.


·        Who is Ken Nugent?

He is a famous American accident lawyer.

·        Age of Ken Nugent?

He is 64 Years old.

·        Who Is Ken Nugent’s Daughter?

Ken has two daughters named Kaitlin Nugent Hammill and Kristie Nugent Horn.


Ken Nugent is a lawyer in Georgia who represents people hurt in accidents through his practice. He is an ardent supporter of the principle that all persons should afford the same legal protections, regardless of race, handicap, level of education, or economic circumstance. Nugent is an experienced attorney whose practice areas include Automobile Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, and Workers’ Compensation. He also represents clients in Wrongful Death cases. He is very supportive of and a sponsor for many events that are helpful to young people.


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